Calibration is the process of configuring an instrument to produce a result within a specified range.  In our clients’ industries this is the key to achieving and maintaining the maximum productivity and reliability that is required.  Multiplex Engineering provide calibration services that reduce downtime and maintain a level of quality and safety that is essential for our client.

Being compliant is an area of concern for any business.  We can provide fully traceable calibration services that are certified to ISO9001:2015.  Our calibration services enable your business to remain compliant on both quality and safety requirements.

calibration Multiplex_Engineering
Gauges Calibration Multiplex

Key benefits of our calibration services to our clients:

Effective Compliance

Higher Quality Production

Improved Efficiency

Increased Reliability

Confidence in the Production Process

Our services are offered as part of the arranged schedule agreement with clients or can be facilitation on a need basis.

We are a provider of Calibration Services and Engineering Solutions to some of Ireland’s biggest Dairy and Food groups.

We are the only Irish based provider to the power industry for complete turnkey Steam & Water Analysis Solutions. (SWAS). Almost every power plant in the whole of Ireland has an install base of product and solutions supplied and supported by Multiplex Engineering.