The accuracy of your instruments will affect your production and quality levels.  Our trained technicians will actively search for any faults and address them.  Advice and solutions is part of our commitment to reducing downtime and issues for clients.

We can complete this work on-site or off-site as required to minimise disruption to your production. If an instrument is not performing to specifications, we can advise on alternate replacements. Our exposure to the latest offerings in the marketplace allows us to recommend a replacement instrument that best suit your needs.

Here is a selection of what we measure: temperature, flow, distance, humidity, level, pressure, weighing, pH, conductivity, general analytical, mass, time and more.

Multiplex Engineering also provides a wide range of Instrumentation and analysers to the power generation industry along with the water and wastewater industry. Such applications include all types of level and open channel flow measurement plus we focus on the analysis of Chlorine, Turbidity, Fluoride, UVT and suspended solids to name a few.