At Multiplex Engineering we know that our clients depend on us to ensure the efficient operation of their business.  Taking this huge responsibility personally is why we have been successful in business for almost twenty years.

One Stop Shop  

Our complete solution consists of three streams – Calibration Services, Sales of products and Project solutions.  Having an expert team and exclusivity to the products from many leading global manufacturers in the calibration area is one of the keys to our success.

We are the only Irish based company that offer a full solution when it comes to calibration, a type of ‘one-stop-shop’ when you need a complete calibration solution.  From design to installation and then maintenance, we are there every step of the way.

Our Clients

Our calibration services are used in many industries and our clients come from sectors such as co-operatives, food manufacturing, energy plants, pharma, tech and the water industry.  With such a diverse client base we need to be able to offer the latest innovations to be able to adapt to each situation.

Service & Quality

Why have we been so successful to date?  In simple terms, we are good at what we do.  We will never offer a substandard product or service, it’s a quality product always.  While we may not be the cheapest alterative, we provide excellent value as we give a consistent quality offering.  We also believe in the power of the human touch.  We are flexible in our outlook and take a hands-on approach in every project.  We are ready to adapt or adjust plans if things change and our expertise allows us to come up with the perfect solution.


We are growing fast, our nationwide team are providing excellence service and support where it is needed. Our head office team continue to come up with innovative designs for clients and our portfolio of products increases as we partner with even more global suppliers of calibration instruments.  We look forward to the years ahead.  As we grow, we promise not to lose that approachable attitude and hands on ability that we are renowned for.