Calibration is an essential part of maintaining a quality management system. It ensures that all equipment is working properly and provides a reference point for measuring accuracy. Calibration is also used in many organisations to ensure that their products are meeting the required standards for quality and safety, as well as providing data for statistical analysis.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is the process of measuring the accuracy of a measurement device.  The reason calibration is important is because measurement devices often have errors in them that can affect your quality control processes, such as ensuring that every batch of product meets specifications or ensuring that all parts are properly manufactured according to your design intent.

What are the different types of calibration?

There are many types of calibration, ranging from simple checks to complex procedures. The most common type of calibration is simple comparison between two known values.  For example, calibrating a scale by placing weights on it and reading them off. Or perhaps using a thermometer to measure temperature against another thermometer set at room temperature (or some other standard).

How does calibration affect your organisation’s quality system?

Calibration is an essential part of maintaining a quality management system. A calibration program should be designed and implemented to ensure that your organisation’s measurement instruments are producing accurate and reliable data. The following are some ways in which calibration can affect your organisation’s quality system:

  • Ensure that measurements meet specifications or requirements.
  • Provide assurance that the process is under control.

It is important to understand how calibration affects your organisation and how it can be used to improve quality and safety. The team at Multiplex Engineering can advise you on that.  Calibration helps ensure that your equipment is functioning properly, which in turn ensures that products are made with less variation and fewer defects.

Multiplex Engineering is certified to ISO9001:2015, this gives assurances to our client that we have an internationally recognised award for our Quality Management Systems.  The quality of our service is something our clients depend on for the success of their business.  You can trust the expert team at Multiplex Engineering to provide a quality product and service consistently.