The 21st International Sales and Distribution Meeting (ISDM) presented by Swan took place in September 2023, drawing participation from over 40 countries and welcoming more than 120 attendees. The Multiplex Engineering team was delighted to once again be a part of this influential event that took place in Switzerland. The ISDM proved to be an exceptional platform for distributors to come together, share knowledge, and explore new possibilities in the global market of water and steam analysis.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

The ISDM commenced with a welcome dinner, setting the stage for productive networking opportunities. Distributors from across the globe connected, forming relationships and alliances that would foster collaborations in the future. The diversity of attendees created a dynamic environment, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into different markets and exchange best practices.

Presentations by Esteemed Speakers

The event showcased an array of captivating presentations by esteemed key speakers. These industry leaders shared their expertise and experiences, shedding light on emerging trends, strategies for success, and the challenges inherent in our field. From in-depth analyses of market dynamics to discussions on innovative approaches, these informative sessions provided participants with a broader understanding of the ever-evolving global market. Such eminent speakers included Mr. Michael Rziha of PPCHEM with over 35 years experience of water chemistry in the power industry .

Workshops: A Gateway to New Innovations

The ISDM featured engaging workshops that delved into the latest innovations and technological advancements. Distributors had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge products and services, gaining insights into how these innovations could enhance their own businesses. These workshops fostered an atmosphere of collaboration, encouraging participants to share their ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. Special mention must go to our own Ian Ryan who presented a very informative case study in Turbidity measurement of source water in areas with high Manganese content which can be very troublesome and requires high maintenance. This was the opportunity for Multiplex Engineering to highlight the use of Swan’s Turbiwell non-contact measurement. The presentation was yet another example of the application of Swan’s high quality technology and sharing with fellow distributors.

Technical Training: Strengthening our Skills

The two-day technical training sessions offered by Swan further bolstered the capabilities of the attendees. Distributors were provided in-depth training on Swan’s products, equipping them with the knowledge required to effectively promote and distribute these offerings. The comprehensive training allowed participants to stay ahead of the game, ensuring they were well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of their markets.

The 21st ISDM presented by Swan brought together distributors including Multiplex Engineering, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge. The event proved to be an invaluable opportunity for participants to broaden their horizons, gain insights into the global market, and expand their networks. The combination of informative presentations, engaging workshops, and comprehensive technical training sessions ensured that attendees left the ISDM with enhanced skills, new perspectives, and a deeper understanding of market trends. The team here valued the experience and looks forward to leveraging their newfound knowledge and connections to drive innovation and growth within our own distribution network.