Multiplex Engineering are proud to represent Swan Analytical in Ireland as it further underlines our commitment to only supplying the best equipment to our clients.

Global Provider

Swan Analytical is a global leading provider of online analytical systems in the Power and Water industries. The product portfolio ranges from Ultrapure water (pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications) to feedwater, steam and condensate quality analysis in the power industry to Municipal (potable) and industrial process water treatment. From sanitary to steam to swimming pools to oil and gas applications Swan analysers are employed to ensure quality, efficiency and environmental standards.  Multiplex Engineering have been a sole supplier of their products for many years.

Online Water Monitoring Equipment for Industrial Applications

Swan Analytical is a trusted provider of innovative, accurate, reliable on-line water quality instrumentation. They provide reliable, affordable solutions that require minimum maintenance but guarantee high performance.

The current product portfolio reflects the needs of modern industry.  They believe in offering flexible solutions to suit each situation and their procedures and methods allow these options.

Their production takes place in Switzerland which gives added credence to their promise of high quality, precision manufacture of products. Swan have been developing and manufacturing for over 30 years and have set a high bar in the standard for online process monitoring.

Multiplex and Swan Analytical

Multiplex Engineering need to have the instrumentation to be a one-stop shop for all online water monitoring and that is why we have the perfect partnership with Swan Analytical.  We promise a full calibration service that is second to none, combined with our ability to provide turnkey solutions. With Swan Analytical as our partner, we can promise our clients the best options, the latest technology and a solution that is reliable