Another top supplier in our industry is Cerlic and Multiplex Engineering is delighted to be partners with them in Ireland.  Cerlic are celebrating over 45 years of measuring, not only in Europe but globally.


Multiplex Engineering clients demand quality, accuracy and reliability and that is what we can stand by when using Cerlic instruments.  Their instruments for on-line measurement and control are characterised by high degrees of quality, functionality and user-friendliness to provide information we can trust.


Cerlic have contributed globally to minimising pollution to lakes, rivers and seas by developing, manufacturing and implementing measuring and control instrumentation that makes industrial and municipal processes more efficient.  As their partners in Ireland Multiplex Engineering are proud to present their products to our clients.

Vast Knowledge

Their knowledge and experience of processes and applications combined with their rugged measuring instruments provides us with enhanced knowledge about plant processes. Ease of use and minimal maintenance separates Cerlic from the competition and gives us that advantage.


By developing new innovative instruments to meet the needs of the market, Cerlic contributes to improve process control, reduced production costs and increased productivity in the waste water treatment process, pulp and paper as well as other industries in domestic and international markets.  The reliability of their products make a significant difference to our clients and in turn increase their efficiencies.

Multiplex Engineering have been part of the Cerlic story for many years and we look forward to continuing our working relationship for many years ahead.  We will bring their knowledge and expertise in the form of their instruments to our valued clients in Ireland for many years to come.