WaterSam is one of the leading manufacturers of automated samplers and monitoring stations in the world.  Based in Germany and shipping worldwide, Multiplex Engineering have distributed their products in Ireland for many years.  These products are used in wastewater treatment facilities, various manufacturing facilities and in many other applications.

Designed to Last

The quality of the product is due to the excellent design and robust materials used, providing long life reliability with minimum maintenance.  WaterSam have over 25 years’ experience with water sampling technology and have been involved in major international projects.  Their experience is second to none and we at Multiplex benefit from a close working relationship with their team.

Innovation Always

Innovation is at the heart of their operations, and they continue to refine their designs and incorporating the latest technology where possible.  In fact, they created the industry’s first multi-axis distributor system which was widely welcomed by all.  Their modular design approach allows WaterSam to offer samplers for a variety of highly specialised settings and applications. The versatile controller software and distributor system allow a vast array of modifications to meet needs – even long after the initial purchase.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability has been something of great importance to them and coming up with solutions for the sector has been ongoing.  Their designs are created with energy efficiency considerations along with durability and materials that can be recycled.  They were ahead of their time with their company standards in this area when it came to sustainably manufacturing processes.

WaterSam continue to innovate and supply Multiplex Engineering with comprehensive solutions for our clients.  We know we can depend on the quality and reliability of their instruments and that is why we can confidently recommend them and include them on our projects.