Part of the success of Multiplex Engineering we attribute to the high quality of our partners and the instrumentation they supply to us.  One of our long-term partners are Valsteam ADCA.

They have more than 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for steam and other fluid systems. Valsteam ADCA engineer and develop the best solutions to improve customer systems efficiency and reliability, in total compliance with quality standards.

Groundbreaking Products

Valsteam ADCA are completely focused on providing groundbreaking products for industrial steam and fluid systems. They started in 1983 as a steam specialist contractor with a strong passion for solving problems and creating new products.  They quickly evolved into a full-service manufacturer with the added bonus of having the full manufacturing cycle created in house. Their brand can now be found in 5 continents, in over 80 countries and in all kinds of industries such as cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical.

High End Technology

They invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment that allow their highly specialised teams to continuously improve and increase the productivity of their product.  When it comes to any of their products. they make no concessions on quality or reliability.  They follow the most demanding standards.  The finishing processes and the raw materials are fully controlled, and the final products are tested in real life conditions.  This is always supported by the most modern testing equipment. Valsteam ADCA have one of the largest range of products which include steam traps, pressure reducing valves, control valves, pipeline ancillaries, special equipment and ADCA pure.

Irish Partners

Multiplex Engineering are proud to be associated with this global company that develops new products with such a flexible approach.  It allows us to bring only the best the industry can supply to every one of our clients.