No matter what the industry, all our clients want more efficiency, less downtime and reliability. They are reliant on us to provide them with the solution and their expectations are what we need to reach.

Calibration, Validation & Commissioning

Calibration will involve configuring an instrument to provide a certain result that will lie within an acceptable range.  Validation will provide documentary evidence to prove that the instrument will consistently produce the expected results.  Commissioning is the whole process of planning, scheduling, testing, adjusting, verifying, and documenting.  This complete process is time consuming and detailed, however, this is as it should be to match the importance of the results expected.

At Multiplex Engineering we work within many different industries.  While they differ in their activities, they can all have very similar concerns, challenges and requirements.

Who we work with:

Pharmaceutical: As a highly regulated industry, we ensure our pharma clients can adhere to FDA and HPRA regulations.  We do this by regular scheduled instrumentation calibration and full support from our technical team.

Food and Beverage:  With high demands on production and schedules that run 24/7 our team ensure minimum downtime.  All work is completed to the highest quality standards based on ISO9001:2015 international standards.

Cooperatives:  We work with our clients in this dairy industry to ensure their compliance with Bord Bia standards and BRC compliance.   This can include multi point temperature mapping, calibration, and measurement services.

Energy: As an essential supplier to consumer and business, dependability is key.  Only the highest standards will do, and everything is highly accurate, technical, and regulated. We currently serve all fossil fuel power plants on the island of Ireland.

Manufacturing: While each manufacturer will have differing requirements, the concept of precision and the demand in excellence is common to all.  Many will have quality standards requirements from customers as well as regulations to meet.

Diversity of Clients

We also work with clients in the aeronautical, transportation and waste industry to name just a few.  We bring our expert team to any project with the same enthusiasm and energy and enjoy the diversity of our client base.  See our client testimonials to find out what other industries we operate in.