When we meet a new potential client, we always mention the fact that we are almost 20 years in business. Why do we do that?  It gives them a reason to believe in us, if we have been successful and growing in our industry for such a long period of time then we must be doing something right. Companies stay with us for our quality (Our quality is your quality).

A Calibration Solution That Fits your Needs

Many of our clients come to us because of a recommendation.  All our clients are important to us, and they all have different specific requirements that we must work with.  It can be challenging for us, but it also drives us on. With a wealth of expertise and experience we have the ideal team for any challenge.

Explore and Design

We do it all, we really are a one stop shop for all client needs in this area.  We start by exploring what is required based on our experience and the needs of the client.  Then our expert team get together to design the solution.  Our technicians are soon on site implementing and monitoring to ensure we get it 100% right.  The peace of mind that comes with our maintenance and support cannot be underestimated.

Client Satisfaction

When our clients are busy, we know we must work around their schedule, so we are extremely flexible.  With a nationwide team, we work onsite so projects are completed efficiently.  We will repair when we can or replace when necessary.  An added benefit of working with us are our international partners, we only use quality instruments from the best manufacturers around the globe.

Audit – No problem

When it’s audit time you will be ready.  We will be aware of what you need and when and our team makes it happen. One less stress for you.  Our portal is there for you 24/7 for whatever you need at a click of a button such as certificates, reports, forms or records.

Client Support

Whatever our clients’ requirements we will be familiar with them.  Our technicians will be on hand and on site, our expert team there for consultation when needed and not forgetting our office team there for client support.  And an integral part of our team are our suppliers.  Our international partners, not only as a supplier of instrumentation but a wealth of technology, innovation and support that we can pass on to clients.

Thinking of making a move to a new supplier?  Our client testimonials alone are reason enough to consider us.  Talk to our team about your instrumentation and analytical equipment, calibration and of course all instrument sales. We are always available by phone for you.